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How the Course Works



STEP 1: Complete the Online Course


Working at your own pace, complete our interactive online course. You can do the course in one session, or take as long as you like in multiple sessions. Our course works with PC or MAC and is very user friendly!


STEP 2: Take your Test Online


At the end of the course, you must take a test. The test can be taken on your computer.


STEP 3: Print Your Card - You're Done!


After you pass the online test, you can print your card right from your computer. You're done! We will add you to Utah's employer searchable database within 24 hours.



Course Accreditation


The Alcohol Certification card you receive from taking this course is valid within the state of Utah for a period of 3 years. This course has been authorized by the Utah Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health. Taking this course is equal to taking the course in a classroom. The state of Utah recognizes this course as equally valid as the branded Sips and Tips Certification course.


Ready to Begin the Course? Start Instantly!


The cost is $30 total. No extra costs.


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Questions before enrolling? Call us at 801-386-7943. We can answer questions about Utah's requirements and the course so you are fully informed before purchasing.



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